Transition Summit: Industry

Transforming the Hard to Abate: Pathways to net zero The global industrial sector accounts for roughly 30% of CO2 emissions. Demand for steel, cement, chemicals, and precious metals is only set to increase. With nations setting ambitious net-zero targets, decarbonisation of these heavy industries has to become a priority. The Industry Transition Summit (23rd & 25th […]

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Transition Summit: Hydrogen

Shifting to a Hydrogen Economy: A Roadmap to Reality Climate Action is pleased to announce the Transition Summits, a series of 2-day virtual events focusing on 5 key sector transitions: Hydrogen, Industry, Transport, Energy and Cities. First up, hydrogen! Hydrogen will be vital if we are to meet 2030 climate goals and beyond. But as […]

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11th Sustainable Innovation Forum

Mission Innovation is partnering with Climate Action on the 11th Sustainable Innovation Forum taking place virtually from 16 – 20 November 2020. Over the last 10 years, Climate Action has been convening the public, private and NGO sectors alongside the UN climate change summits to discuss pathways for the net-zero transition. The Forum plays a […]

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