National Innovation Pathway

In November 2020, Chile announced it National Green Hydrogen Strategy, which lays out a pathway for Chile to develop a domestic green hydrogen sector. Chile’s vast potential for low cost renewable energy generation far beyond the domestic electricity demand, produces the conditions by which Chile can harness that cheap clean power for green hydrogen production. Initially that production will be used in domestic purposes as part of Chile’s carbon neutrality strategy, such as replacing diesel fuel in the mining sector, before being exported for international consumption.

To aid the development of this new industry in the country, Chile will establish a Clean Technology Institute in the mining region of Antofagasta, in the country’s northern desert. The Institute will focus on the research and development of green hydrogen, solar energy and energy storage technology. It is planned that this will lay the foundation for the creation of a green hydrogen valley in the region where production will serve several end users, boosted by the abundance of low-cost solar energy, and eventually be developed into an export hub.

This innovative approach – linking public, private and academic expertise – will help drive the green hydrogen industry in Chile. Our goal is that by 2030 Chile will have 25 GW of installed electrolysers. This will place us as one of the top three leading exporters of green hydrogen worldwide, shipping approximately $2.5 billion USD each year at the lowest cost globally of under $1.5 USD/kg.