Republic of Korea


National Innovation Pathway

Under the goal of achieving Net-zero by 2050, South Korea announced a ‘Net-zero technology innovation strategy’ in March 2021. This challenging strategy is built on the premise that innovation is a key to achieving Net-zero. Innovative technologies will reduce the burden of realizing Net-zero and turn Net-zero into an opportunity for new growth in the energy industry.

Net-zero technology innovation would  focus on ten key technologies such as below.

① Ultra-high efficiency of PV and the larger size of wind power

② Hydrogen cycle technology

③ Bio-energy leading technology

④ CCUS commercialization technology

⑤ Low-carbon conversion of steel and cement industry

⑥ Low-carbon, next-generation petrochemicals

⑦ Maximization of industrial process efficiency

⑧ Carbon-free, next-generation transport

⑨ Carbon-neutral building

⑩ Digitalization-based efficiency optimization