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The 24 member governments (23 countries plus the European Union) of Mission Innovation have each pledged to seek a doubling in their governmental and/or state-directed clean energy research and development investment over five years. These efforts represent an unprecedented acceleration of research and development efforts for innovative clean energy technologies. Each MI member independently determines a strategy for clean energy innovation funding based on individual national resources, needs, and circumstances.

In addition, MI members support the following actions:

At the inaugural ministerial, MI Ministers formed a Steering Committee, adopted an Enabling Framework, and agreed to a mission statement to help provide a foundation for accelerated progress. The second ministerial, hosted by China in June 2017, builds on this foundation by enhancing collaboration, sharing success stories, exhibiting promising innovations, and revealing progress made in achieving domestic targets and furthering ambition.

Baseline and Doubling Plans

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Innovation Challenges

    • Smart Grids
    • Off-Grid Access to Electricity
    • Carbon Capture
    • Sustainable Biofuels
    • Converting Sunlight
    • Clean Energy Materials
    • Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings
    • Renewable and Clean Hydrogen

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