Collaboration with the World Economic Forum

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is an effective method for accelerating innovation. Mission Innovation has joined forces with the World Economic Forum to drive private sector involvement, public–private partnerships, and knowledge sharing around public–private research and technology development.

Announced at the second MI ministerial, the new collaboration facilitates engagement between Mission Innovation activities and World Economic Forum members and partners. The collaboration increases the relevance and impact of the private sector on MI clean energy R&D investments, helping to unlock the technology breakthroughs in cost and performance needed to revolutionize energy systems throughout the world.

The collaboration is structured around three main pillars:

  1. Engagement of World Economic Forum members and partners with MI, including through specific, commonly identified Innovation Challenges. Initially this work will focus on three of the seven Challenges: Carbon Capture, Clean Energy Materials, and Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings—areas that are most promising for greater public–private cooperation to help develop and unleash new technologies into the market. Additional areas of cooperation may be identified over time.
  2. Collaboration on joint high-level platforms for strategic public–private dialogue through a series of events to advance clean energy innovation and investment. For 2017, this includes the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions, 27–29 June in Dalian, China, and the Strategic Dialogues on Energy Futures, 12–13 September in Mexico City.
  3. Public–private collaboration on knowledge, research, and technology development on clean energy innovation and information sharing. In particular, the collaboration will explore new and existing models for innovation where public and private sector organizations can boost their impact.

Read the news release and the letters formalizing the collaboration between MI and the World Economic Forum.