SECTION 01 | ENERGY 58 SECTION 03 ©Markus Hauschild 59 FUELS Synlight, located at the German Aerospace Center facility in Jülich, is the world’s largest solar simulator. With a 350-kilowatt array, Synlight produces solar radiation 10,000 times more intense than at the Earth’s surface. Temperatures at the target point of the lamps can reach up to 3,000 degrees Celsius. Researchers use these temperatures to manufacture fuels including hydrogen. With three radiation chambers available for experiments in which the required radiation can be directed, Synlight allows intensive research into alternative energy production. Fuels, propellants and combustibles acquired using solar power offer immense potential for long-term storage, the production of chemical raw materials, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. GERMANY 08 SYNLIGHT - THE WORLD’S LARGEST ARTIFICIAL SUN