SECTION 01 | ENERGY 66 03 CHARGEFLEX ChargeFlex, an R&D project from eSmart Systems, developed software to better exploit the grid and increase the charging capacity for electric vehicles (EVs). It provides analysis and enables the control of energy resources with the help of predictive algorithm to increase capacity by 40%. By expanding the charging capacity without investing in the current infrastructure, electricity providers can put up more charging points and offer better charging opportunities. This means that the end-users can charge their EVs at home knowing that the electricity bill will not be higher than necessary. The car charges when the price is at its lowest. The software has now been commercialised under the brand Connected Prosumer. NORWAY SECTION 04 © eSmart Systems 67 TRANSPORTATION 04 ENERFY – THE FUTURE OF AUTO INSURANCE Enerfy™ is an auto insurance data platform that saves customers lives, produces fuel savings and reduces claims costs by 40% and CO2 emissions by 17% through changed behaviours. By generating real-time risk reports on safety and environmental performance for auto insurers, it provides a financial incentive for drivers to be environmentally friendly. The company is seeking $15 million to globally scale up sales and marketing to meet the goal of 40 million drivers insured within five years. The World Wildlife Fund and Swedish Energy Agency has estimated that the Enerfy technology can contribute to a global reduction of CO2 emissions of over 100 million tons per year. SWEDEN