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September 2023: This month, we offer an events edition of the MI newsletter. It includes a roundup of events around the globe that MI has partnered with or will have a presence at. Learn about the Urban Transitions Mission’s first global innovation gathering during the Middle East and North Africa Climate Week, the Insights Module’s upcoming launch of an Energy Innovation Metrics Hub at IRENA Innovation Week, the CETPartnership’s Joint Call 2023 Info Day, and MI’s partnership with the World Energy Transition Summit at New York Climate Week. We also share some details about the Think Tank, Net-Zero Industries Award, and new Chair of the Technical Advisory Group.

August 2023: In this edition, we review the 8th Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-8) and highlight some of the outcomes. Some key announcements include the launch of the MI Think Tank, the Net-Zero Industries Award, the Urban Transitions Mission Centre platform, the Innovation Community on Sunlight to X, the Carbon Dioxide Removal Mission’s mapping initiative, and joint funding programs for the Integrated Biorefineries Mission. The Green Powered Future Mission also formalized its collaboration with the Clean Energy Transition Partnership.

June 2023: In this edition, we share MI-8 related news and details about recent Mission activities. Don’t miss updates on an open call by the Urban Transitions Mission for cities to join their City Cohort, the Integrated Biorefineries’ inaugural webinar, and the Net-Zero Industries Mission’s meeting on industrial cluster decarbonisation in London. Lastly, join us as we recap discussions held by MI senior representatives on financing clean energy demonstration projects and share the goals Julie Cerqueira, Chair of Mission Innovation, has set to increase the impact of MI’s work.

April 2023: In this month’s newsletter, we recap outcomes from the Annual Gathering and share exciting updates on new activities from the Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling and a new interactive visualisation of annual public investments in energy RD&D from the Climate Policy Lab, which provides valuable insights into global efforts to advance clean energy innovation. You can also find news about the recent launch of a new technical track by the Carbon Dioxide Removal Mission, the publication of a KPIs report from the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission, the Net-Zero Industries Mission’s newly published Action Plan, and a spotlight on the Green Powered Future Mission’s Coalition in a series of posts on their LinkedIn page.

February 2023: In this edition of Mission Innovation’s (MI) newsletter, we share news about the programme for the upcoming Annual Gathering, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro from March 20 – 23. We also welcome a new Steering Committee Chair and members, as well as new TAG members.

November 2022 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3): In this three-part newsletter, we share MI and Partner Organization sessions at COP27. Part 1 includes the MI agenda for the first week of COP27, Part 2 provides a review of the sessions and outcomes from MI and our Partner Organizations from the first week, and Part three offers an overview of what’s planned for the second week.

October 2022: In this month’s Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, we share many successful outcomes, announcements, and opportunities that resulted from the Global Clean Energy Action Forum (GCEAF), which included the joint convening of MI-7 and CEM-13 Ministerials, hosted by the US Department of Energy in Pittsburgh this past September. A key outcome of GCEAF involved the coming together of 24 governments to contribute $90B USD towards over 200 clean energy technology demonstration projects aiming to decarbonise the global energy systems by 2050.

September 2022: In this edition of the Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, we promote the upcoming Global Clean Energy Action Forum and the more than 100 scheduled side events. We also share a special edition of Nature Energy focused on critical areas of RD&D and innovation policy and an interview with MI’s Technical Advisory Group.

June 2022: This month in the Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, we share many exciting recent and upcoming events related to our work in clean energy innovation. MI has collaborated on several partnerships this summer, sending speakers to the Hydrogen Global SummitClimate Innovation Forum, and Climate Investment Summit. Planning is also underway for the joint MI and CEM Ministerial taking place in Pittsburgh, USA this September. Applications for side events and the Clean Energy Technology Showcase have closed, but there is still time to apply for a spot in the Creating the Energy Future Forum, a new youth engagement track. General registration just opened for the Ministerial, called the Global Clean Energy Action Forum.

April 2022: In this edition of the Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, we celebrate a successful Annual Gathering that took place in New Delhi, India at the beginning of the month. Marking the first in-person gathering of MI’s senior representatives since early 2020, this event brought together collaborating governments to discuss the implementation of initiatives launched in 2021. Noteworthy moments included the launch of a new Integrated Biorefineries Mission by India and the Netherlands and discussion of the US-hosted MI and CEM Ministerials taking place in Pittsburgh, PA this September.

February 2022: In this edition of the Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, the new MI Steering Committee Chair Drew Leyburne shares his vision for 2022 – the year of implementation and continued momentum for MI. We would also like to highlight the inauguration of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) chaired by Dr. Dean Haslip.

November 2021: In this edition of the newsletter, we celebrate the numerous achievements and announcements at COP26 that made it a success for MI. Another four Missions have been announced and the Missions launched earlier this year have shown progress through initial research and/or roadmaps. MI was highlighted as a key intergovernmental forum for clean energy innovation at the World Leaders Summit; declared an expanded partnership with Breakthrough Energy and members announced a range of clean energy innovation initiatives. The US also announced that the next MI Ministerial will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania next September.

October 2021: This year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) takes place in Glasgow, UK, starting Sunday 31st October and runs until Thursday 12th November 2021. The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

September 2021: In this edition of the Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, we present initiatives of the MI Innovation Platform, which aims to strengthen the global clean energy innovation ecosystem and help maximise the impact of investments. We highlight a new funding call under the MICall series and put a spotlight on the Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings.

July 2021: In this edition of our newsletter, we introduce the MI Innovation Platform and its initiatives after presenting the MI Missions last month. The MI Platform consists of the three modules INSIGHTS, COLLABORATE and ACCELERATE.

June 2021: In this edition of our newsletter, we look back to the successful launch of the second phase of Mission Innovation at the ‘Innovating to Net Zero Summit’ on 2 June 2021 and introduce a fundamental part of MI 2.0 – the Missions – that will accelerate tipping points in the cost, scale and performance of technologies in critical sectors for global clean energy transitions. This month, the Champions Corner features Moroccan MI Champion, Jaafar Benabbou, and Norway’s Champion (from the first cohort), John Olav Tande, who has just launched the NorthWind research centre!

May 2021: In this special edition of our newsletter, we focus on the launch of MI 2.0 at the Innovating to Net Zero Summit on 2 June, 13.45 – 19.00 CEST. Read all about it! View the full event agenda and be sure to register now!

April 2021: In this edition of the newsletter, we share plans for the Sixth Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-6) hosted virtually by Chile from May 31-June 6 and profile recent commitments at the US Leaders Summit on Climate including a peek at the first Mission topics to be launched at MI-6. We look at achievements and future endeavours of MI’s Innovation Challenges, whilst the Champions Corner features the Indian 2020 MI Champion Purnima Jaliha and UK Champion Michaela Kendall.

March 2021: In this edition of the newsletter, we focus on the achievements of MI’s first phase, including a report by IRENA on tracking energy innovation impacts. We are very pleased to have a contribution of Breakthrough Energy on deepening our collaboration to accelerate the clean energy transition. The Champions Corner features the Finnish 2020 MI Champion Krish Sankaran, CEO of a clean energy and circular economy company.

February 2021:  In this edition of the newsletter, we report from the Senior Officials Annual Gathering on next steps towards the launch of our second phase (MI 2.0). You can also learn about the newly launched Smart Grid Innovation Accelerator, the Transition Summits organized by Climate Action and the “Liquid Sunshine” project from Chinese MI Champion Can Li.

January 2021:  In this edition of the newsletter, Patrick Child, the recently nominated Chair of MI’s Steering Committee, shares his vision and priorities for the coming months as we prepare for the launch of the second phase of MI. You can also learn more about the achievements and plans of the European Commission’s and Austrian MI Champions, and about a new global information sharing platform for hydrogen projects which will be launched on 19 January.

November 2020: In this special edition newsletter, we are celebrating our 5-year anniversary! On November 30, 2015, at COP21 in Paris, leaders came together to launch MI with the objective of making clean energy widely affordable as an indispensable part of an effective, long-term global response to our shared climate challenge; necessary to provide affordable and reliable energy for everyone and to promote economic growth; and critical for energy security. Full newsletter available for download.

October 2020: In this edition, we draw attention to the virtual Fifth Mission Innovation Ministerial which took place on 23 September 2020, where Ministers discussed achievements over the past five years and unanimously agreed to develop a second phase of MI.

July 2020: In this edition, we are proud to present the second cohort of Mission Innovation Champions. We also share an update on the global collaboration platform for hydrogen projects, as well as our initial findings regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on the innovation landscape. Finally, we spoke to Myoungju Lee about her experience being selected as Korean MI Champion, in the inaugural cohort of MI Champions.

April 2020: In this edition, our MI Steering Committee Chair John Loughhead, shares an update on MI operations during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We also share a short summary about the Senior Official’s Gathering in Riyadh in February 2020, and speak to Hussam Khonkar about his experience being selected as Saudi Arabian MI Champion and his upcoming plans. Innovation Challenges 1 and 2 share an update, inviting members to take part in new and ongoing knowledge sharing activities.

January 2020: In this edition of the Mission Innovation (MI) newsletter, we share the MI Secretariat background paper on Beyond 2020: Challenges and Opportunities and the launch of the 2nd Champions Programme. We also connected with our 2019 Champions and interviewed Sean Monkman from Canada who kicks off our Champion Corner. Lastly, we cover several MI member activities and the progress made by Innovation Challenges.

December 2019: In this edition of the MI newsletter, we showcase MI participation in this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), taking place in Madrid, Spain from 02 Dec, 2019 – 13 Dec, 2019.

October 2019: In this edition of the MI newsletter, we introduce the new MISC chair Prof. John Loughhead and a ‘Champions Corner’. We also share information about MI’s participation at UN Climate Summit, the launch of the first MICall on Storage Solutions and about the Global Cooling Prize.

July 2019In this edition of the MI newsletter, we focus on the exciting updates and initiatives announced at the 4th Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-4) in Vancouver at the end of May.

May 2019In this edition of the MI newsletter, we cover the exciting plans for the 4th Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-4) taking place in Vancouver at the end of this month and the recent activity of the newest MI Innovation Challenge, Renewable and Clean Hydrogen (IC8).

March 2019: In this edition of the MI newsletter, we report on the recent gathering of MI members in Santiago and plans for the Ministerial meeting in May.

December 2018: In this edition of the MI newsletter we report on the MI member activity at COP24 in Poland, the work of the Smart Grids Innovation Challenge including a recent workshop in Rome and opportunities for innovators and young people to get involved in the fourth Mission Innovation Ministerial in Canada in May 2019.

April 12, 2018: Mission Innovation at COP24

November 2018In this edition of the MI newsletter we report on the launch of a €100 million clean energy investment fund; introduce the new MI framework to assess technologies for avoided emissions; and showcase the work of the MI Carbon Capture Innovation Challenge.

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