The Mission Innovation (MI) Secretariat provides a stable, long-term resource to drive forward MI activities through the use of collaborative, transparent and creative approaches. All Secretariat functions and tasks are delivered in close consultation with the MI Steering Committee.

Secretariat activities include

Central governance and member engagement

Managing MI’s governance processes, overseeing and delivering MI’s day-to-day operations, while maintaining active communication with all members to maximize their participation.

Effective strategy, coordination and, where relevant, delivery of MI programmes

Developing and implementing overarching strategy, guided by MISC and Senior Representatives, coordinating across all MI programmes (i.e. all Missions and Platform Modules) and supporting the development of new activities led by members e.g. new Missions. The team also delivers specific MI activities that are core to MI 2.0 and benefit all members.


Maximising impact through collaborations, communications and events

Profiling MI activities and member successes online, through traditional media, and at events. In addition, the team provides strategy, member engagement, and communications support to the host country for the annual Ministerial, and manages relationships with existing and new collaborating organisations.

For more information, please contact the Secretariat at

Secretariat Team members

United Kingdom

Eleanor Webster

Head of MI Secretariat
European Commission

Sharon Kearney

Governance Lead and Operations
United Kingdom

Helen Fairclough

Member Manager and Operations

Jean-Pierre Rodrigue

Senior Advisor
United Kingdom

Bruna Magnoni (she/her)

Secretariat Support Officer and Member Lead
United States

Dylan Adler (he/him)

Member and Collaborating Organization Lead

Carmen Heilmaier (she/her)

Head of Communications
United States

Kirstin Janocha (she/her)

Communications Manager
United Kingdom

Rebecca Vignols-Clewlow (she/her)

Breakthrough Agenda and CEM Lead
United Kingdom

Tom Rollason (he/him)

Private Sector Manager
European Commission

Ingrida Murauskaite-Bull

Insights Module Manager

Yaxuan Jiao

Insights Officer

Manoj Kumar S (he/him)

Collaborate Module Manager

Stephanie Klak (she/her)

Mission Strategic Lead

Irmgard Herold (she/her)

Mission Lead

Effie Klippan (she/her)

Mission Lead

K Powe (they/them)

Mission Lead
United Kingdom

Belle Younsi (she/her)

TAG Officer

Kotaro Nakamura (he/him)

TAG Officer
International Renewable Energy Agency

Ann-Kathrin Lipponer

Insights Officer
International Energy Agency

Jean-Baptiste Le Marois

Insights Officer
United Kingdom

Andrew Pease (he/him)

Tracking Progress and Impact
United Kingdom

Eva Leggatt

Accelerate Module Lead

Patrick McCauley (he/him)

Insights Officer