MI Think Tank


In July 2023, MI launched the Think Tank to supercharge knowledge sharing and dissemination on high-impact clean energy RD&D topics among the MI Community and beyond. Through a programme of member-driven workshops and events, the Think Tank will accelerate collaboration and best-practice exchange between members and partners on cross-cutting issues related to the successful design and implementation of clean energy innovation policies, programs and collaborations.

The Think Tank will provide a space for the MI Community to share their expertise, learn from their peers, and workshop common challenges on cross-cutting topics with broad relevance to MI members – topics that have relevance across multiple technology or thematic areas. The Think Tank will also share outcomes and learnings from its activities broadly, where all members of the clean energy community can benefit.

Why A Think Tank?

At the 7th MI Ministerial in September 2022, MI members endorsed MI’s Track and Review Framework, an MI-wide programme that includes the annual Technical Advisory Group review and Missions Tracking. Through endorsement of the Track and Review Framework, members also committed to strengthen capability in evidence-based innovation policy through a programme of webinars, knowledge exchange sessions and insights reports on topics identified by members. To deliver on this commitment, and to meet the wider commitments of MI 2.0 – the Mission Innovation Secretariat has launched the Think Tank. The Think Tank will help MI to:

  1. Resolve Common Challenges: MI Members face common challenges in implementing effective clean energy innovation policies, programs, and international collaborations necessary for the energy transition. The Think Tank will provide a space for members to share how they have addressed these and also ask for input on potential solutions.
  2. Strengthen Collaboration within MI and with Global Partners: The Think Tank will strive to improve visibility and alignment of activity with MI’s collaborating organizations, such as IEA, IRENA, Breakthrough Energy, Mission Possible Partnership, and the World Bank. This will help enhance knowledge exchange and support broadly beneficial activities within the MI community.
  3. Increase Visibility and Outreach: Member-driven knowledge sharing, along with public dissemination online – where all MI members and the broader clean energy community can benefit from it – will enhance MI’s visibility and expand its reach beyond immediate membership. The broader clean energy community will be able to both engage with Think Tank events and access the knowledge the Think Tank will produce.

Call for Expressions of Interest

On July 20, 2023 at a dedicated 8th MI Ministerial Side Event in Goa, India, the Think Tank was launched, including the 2023 Call for Expressions of Interest, which calls on members of the MI Community to help shape the Think Tank’s activities in 2023 by contributing to Think Tank events.

The Call for EOI provides an opportunity for Members to bring forward cross-cutting topics that they see value in convening the MI Community to discuss – examples include (but are not limited to): Inclusivity and Fairness of the Clean Energy Transition; Financing Clean Energy Demonstrations; Public-Private Engagement in Clean Energy RD&D Programs; International Collaboration on Joint RD&D Programs; Tracking Clean Energy Innovation Progress; Intellectual Property; just transition; innovation in emerging market/developing economies, etc.

The Call for Expressions of Interest closed on October 6, 2023 – and the members of the MI Community responded. A wide range of topics were suggested that will help to inform the Think Tank’s future activities. Respondents may be contacted by the MI Secretariat regarding their responses to the Call for Expressions of Interest in due course.  Any questions can be directed to secretariat@mission-innovation.net.

Think Tank Events

Upcoming Events

Future MI Think Tank events to be announced soon.

Think Tank Archive

Knowledge dissemination is a key aim of the Think Tank. Once Think Tank events are delivered – key learnings, information and other materials from these events will be compiled below where all interested can access them and learn from Think Tank activities.

Past Events

1. Financing Clean Energy Demonstrations Dialogue Series – Financing Masterclass (October 30, 2023 – 14:00-15:30 CET)

Mission Innovation and the United States Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations convened an MI Financing Masterclass – bringing together experts working to de-risk early-stage clean energy projects with policymakers who are designing funding programs that leverage mechanisms to reduce the risk for producers and consumers of low-carbon technologies. As MI member countries continue to deploy demonstration projects, improving understanding of the mechanisms that that can de-risk project finance for emerging technologies will be critical to continue to scale-up these investments.


2. The Circular Carbon Economy – From Concept to Realization (January 31, 2024 – 10:30-12:00 CET)

The Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) builds on the principles of circular economy and applies them to managing carbon emissions: to reduce the carbon that must be managed in the first place, to reuse carbon as an input to create feedstocks and fuels, to recycle carbon through the natural carbon cycle with bioenergy, and, unique to circular carbon economy, to remove excess carbon and store it. Realizing a CCE requires efforts to bring down costs of key technologies. As Mission Innovation (MI) Member governments advance collaboration to scale-up relevant technologies from carbon management to clean fuels – the CCE can provide a useful framework to guide action and investment.

This MI Think Tank event convened by MI and MI Partner Organization KAPSARC shared knowledge on the CCE – from its concept and frameworks to the technologies critical to its realization.