Mission Innovation is forming new public-private innovation alliances – Missions – that will catalyse global action behind ambitious and inspirational innovation goals that will lead to tipping points in the cost and scale of clean energy solutions.

Missions bring together dynamic and delivery-focused high ambition alliances between countries, corporations, investors and research institutes that set global stretch goals and provide momentum to make sure more innovation happens, more rapidly.


Goal: To demonstrate that by 2030 power systems in different geographies and climates are able to effectively integrate up to 100% variable renewable energies in their generation mix and maintain a cost-efficient, secure and resilient system.

Goal: For ships capable of running on zero-emission fuels to make up at least 5% of the global deep-sea fleet by 2030,We will crystalize an ambitious alliance between countries.


Goal: To increase the cost-competitiveness of clean hydrogen by reducing end-to-end costs to USD 2 per kilogram by 2030.


Carbon Dioxide Removal

Goal: To enable Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies to achieve a net reduction of 100 million metric tons of CO2 per year globally by 2030.


Goal: By 2030, deliver at least 50 large-scale, integrated demonstration projects in urban environments around the world, providing a pathway for all cities to adopt net-zero carbon solutions as the default option.

Goal: To catalyse the development and demonstration of cost competitive solutions for the efficient decarbonization of hard to abate energy intensive industries worldwide by 2030.

Goal: Develop and demonstrate innovative solutions to accelerate the commercialization of integrated biorefineries, with a target of replacing 10% of fossil-based fuels, chemicals and materials with bio-based alternatives by 2030