Innovation Platform


Enhancing global confidence in emerging clean energy solutions.

The Innovation Platform is made up of three modules, INSIGHTS, COLLABORATE and ACCELERATE. Initiatives are led and supported by the MI Secretariat and MI members and focus strengthening the global clean energy innovation ecosystem and help maximise the impact of investments.

Strengthening access to robust evidence on innovation progress to inform effective decision-making.

Through the Insights module the MI Secretariat will work with the IEA, IRENA and others to strengthen evidence on public and private sector investment, clean energy technology progress and to accelerate learning from national programmes. The Insights module will support members to track the progress of MI Missions, Platform initiatives and share insights on National Innovation Pathways.

Catalysing collaboration through stronger international innovation networks.

Collaborate Initiatives bring together policy-makers, funders, innovators and international organisations around topics of shared interest to support knowledge-sharing, a common understanding of global RD&D priorities and to identify collaboration opportunities.

The four current Collaborate initiatives led by members build on the success of the first phase:

Working with innovators, investors and end users to scale emerging solutions towards the market.

The first Accelerate Initiative will be the Mission Innovation CleanTech Exchange. Led by India and the Clean Energy International Incubator Centre, an international network of incubators will support new innovations to have a soft landing in international markets. It will share country specific needs assessments; run joint scouting activities; support programmes for start-ups; and conduct innovation exchange programs.