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Compared to the current lithium-ion technology solutions, BroadBit’s sodium batteries are significantly more cost-effective, safer and more environmentally friendly have a wider operating temperature range and allow for the 100x scaling needed to supply coming rechargeable battery market.


The technology start-up BroadBit has developed new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries with the support of the EU Framework Programme. BroadBit’s batteries are based on metallic sodium and other widely available and plentiful compounds. The main active material is sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as table salt.

This revolutionary sodium-based battery creates the conditions for long-lasting impact on the electric vehicle and renewables sectors and a range of electronic applications.


The project was awarded the Innovation Radar Prize in 2015.

BroadBit is now working with Fraunhofer to develop the manufacturing process for a battery capable of higher energy density and at a lower cost than lithium-ion batteries. High costs, safety, long recharging time and limited storage are the main barriers to uptake of e-vehicles. BroadBit offers an innovative solution making electric vehicles price competitive and enabling longer driving range.

In the short term, BroadBit is planning to have the batteries used in drones and electric bikes. The mid term goal is to have the batteries used in electric cars, passenger planes, buses and trucks, while the long term goal is to have applications in grid storage.


The new generation of sodium-based batteries will allow electronics such as laptop computers, sensors and flashlights to be lighter and last longer between charges. These batteries are also safer as non-flammable electrolyte is used to eliminate the risk of fire due to short circuits.

Decarbonising the transport sector is an urgent need and can be achieved by increasing the deployment of e-vehicles. New generations of batteries and innovative energy storage solutions have a huge potential to accelerate the market adoption of electric vehicles and to progress in transitioning towards a clean and sustainable mobility system.

BroadBit is already at an advanced stage of pre-commercialisation and is currently raising funds and negotiating partnerships to finalise R&D and to produce battery components and assembly battery cells.

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