Fuel cell transformation for mining fleets

Used with permission from Corfo

Chile, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Spain


The solution aims to make it possible to adapt diesel-operated mining transport vehicles to the use of fuel cells.


The goal of the solution is to reduce the carbon footprint of underground mining while simultaneously reducing the operational costs. While the solution applies existing hydrogen fuel cell technology to conventional mining fleets, it includes a portfolio of projects to address the challenges specific to the mining industry, which include power, durability and expected performance requirements.


The solution has the potential to be an important factor in the transformation of the traditional mining work into a greener industry. The expected outcomes are not only the reduction of diesel consumption and the CO₂ emissions of underground mining fleets, but also to open new opportunities related to trucks and buses for other industries. To maximize the impact of the solution and to accelerate its development, new resources are sought in the form of research capacity and know-how from related companies as well as investors with an interest in pilot projects.