Grätzel photovoltaics: third generation of photovoltaics



The number of mobile and rechargeable consumer products is increasing rapidly and approaching the 10 billion mark, more than the number of people on earth. It is a market that demands more and more electricity to match increased volumes and capacity requirements. According to some analyses, 10% of the world’s total electricity generation will be used to charge these products in 2030.


Exeger has a record of making the world’s best indoor photovoltaics for mobile, rechargeable products. Based on the third generation of photovoltaics, Exeger could change the conditions in a fast-moving market for consumer electronics. The annual global potential is 300 million units in the first phase. With Exeger’s innovative photovoltaic solution, none of these products needs any traditional charging. If they are placed in a bright spot, whether it is indoors or outdoors, they can in principle get eternal charging. In the long term, the solution can cover all surfaces of buildings so that they generate electricity.


The first production line is currently being built. There is a potential global market of 300 million chargeable units in the first phase. When considering covering the surface of buildings, the potential is very large.