HyBoost-2: More hydrogen fueling for less

Denmark, Norway


The aim of the HyBoost-2 project is to develop technology for hydrogen refueling with increased capacity and reduced physical footprint to enable integration of hydrogen next to conventional fuels at existing gas refueling stations. This should enable an accelerated deployment of hydrogen fueling that can support the market introduction of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.


The HyBoost-2 project develops and tests a full-scale prototype of a patented hydrogen fueling technology. At full scale, the new technology has the potential to triple the fueling capacity with the same system scope as the present technology. Besides reducing the investment costs for hydrogen fueling stations, this will also enable integration of hydrogen next to conventional fuels at existing gas stations.

The capacity increase will enable hydrogen fueling stations to achieve a capacity per fueling hose similar to gasoline. As the capacity is to be achieved on the same system scope as today, the total floor area required for the hydrogen fueling station is reduced, making it easier to integrate at gas stations.


HyBoost-2 will develop and test a prototype of the new technology at full scale. The prototype will be integrated in a hydrogen fueling station to verify the increased capacity and reduced floor area needed. Additional efforts are to be expended on ensuring high capacity when hydrogen fueling stations are connected to electrolyser plants, which normally deliver a lower supply pressure compared to trucked-in delivery of hydrogen.

The aim of the project is to take the technology towards commercialization where the hydrogen fueling technology is brought to a global and growing market for hydrogen fueling stations. The project partners together hold advanced competences within hydrogen materials and surface treatments and manufacturing of precise components, which are required for both developing and commercializing the hydrogen fueling technology.