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Brazil to host two key global clean energy events in 2024


Pittsburgh, 23 September – Brazil, South America’s largest economy will host the 15th Clean Energy and the 9th Mission Innovation Ministerials in 2024, coinciding the meetings with Brazil’s presidency of the G20, an influential group of the world’s major economies.

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and Mission Innovation (MI) have actively contributed to the G20 process since 2020.

“Today we seem to live a dilemma, pressed by the needs of energy transition and energy security. Brazil is a demonstration that the way out of this dilemma is to act on all fronts, developing many different clean energy sources, technologies and solutions simultaneously”, says the Minister of Mines and Energy of Brazil, Adolfo Sachsida. “We are thrilled to be hosting these important clean energy events and delighted to bring their global communities to continue the acceleration of clean energy around the world.”

This is the second time the Ministerials will take place in South America, following Chile’s hosting of the twelfth Clean Energy Ministerial , and the 6th Mission Innovation Ministerial in 2021. Brazil has picked the city of Foz do Iguaçu and the campus of Itaipu, one of the world’s largest hydropower plants by capacity, and the world’s leader power plant in total clean energy generation, as the venue for the 2024 events.

“In 2024, Brazil will host the G20 Energy Ministerial Meeting in Foz do Iguaçu, together with the CEM and MI Ministerial meetings”, says Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França. By tying those three key global energy platforms together, we hope to increase the political attention to the collaboration initiatives under those platforms and enhance their impact”.

The Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation are a multilateral platforms comprising of 29 countries in developing and developed economies working together to accelerate the clean energy transition globally. Those platforms encompass a large number of international collaboration projects in clean energy technologies, with CEM focusing on the deployment and policy aspects, and MI on research, development and demonstration.

Brazil is a founding member of those initiatives and co-leads a number of high-profile areas of work in the CEM, including the Biofuture Platform, a multilateral initiative dedicated to scaling up a global, sustainable bioenergy and bioeconomy that Brazil helped launch in 2016, and the CEM’s workstreams in advancing power system transformation.

Watch the hosting announcement here!