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Finland celebrates Mission Innovation’s 5-year anniversary


The Smart Otaniemi pilot platform is a living lab bringing together more than 100 companies and research institutions to innovate smart energy solutions.

Finland joined MI in 2016 because we have a long history of developing innovative energy solutions.

MI has allowed us to participate in the Smart Energy Systems ERA-Net call, a joint innovation funding call led by Austria and with 18 countries and regions participating. The call received 26 applications from Finland in 2019, and €3 million funding was reserved for the call.

The Finnish parliament passed a bill banning the use of coal as an energy source by the end of 2029. This has activated a host of innovation activities, as large utility companies are racing to comply with the ban. A total of €90 million of financial support will be awarded to companies that successfully remove coal from energy production by the end of 2025.

Under MI Finland has funded several projects and enabled the creation of high potential ecosystems in the area of MI themes. Examples of accomplishments under MI:

Green E2 high potential ecosystem, the idea of which is to create a cross-sectoral network for global business in Finland. New business is expected in three areas: green hydrogen, technologies and “e-products” (chemicals and fuels).

Smart Energy Åland/Flexens develops and implements a full society scale demo on the Åland Islands. The area will become a unique place for companies to test new energy solutions and it will also act as a reference for the Finnish export industry.

Smart Otaniemi serves as a showroom and pilot platform for new smart energy solutions (smart energy, buildings, transport, communication). It is a living lab with real customers involved. Focus is especially on utilizing all types of data.

Finland is a proud member of MI and looks forward to continued collaboration.