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Global collaboration platform created for most advanced hydrogen projects


Mission Innovation IC8, in cooperation with the European Commission and its Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), Roland Berger, and Inycom, is building a global collaboration and information sharing platform for flagship hydrogen projects to enable global learning and push the development of integrated, large scale hydrogen initiatives forward. By promoting the emergence and implementation of hydrogen projects, as well as raising awareness among policy makers, the platform aims to ultimately facilitate the clean energy transition.

This platform is dedicated to all current and future hydrogen project developers. It will help to gather meaningful information from experienced peers and will promote collaboration. The main goal is to underline the value of hydrogen as an energy vector and to further inform all relevant stakeholders who support the development of hydrogen projects.

The first step is to collect, analyse and present comprehensive data on large-scale hydrogen flagship projects. Once the platform is fully operational, it will feature around 40 hydrogen valley projects in detail. They will provide unique insights into what it means to be a frontrunner in the hydrogen economy and how anybody can learn from their experience.

The current interface of the platform already provides information on:

  • the background and mission of the platform
  • the benefits for both Hydrogen Valley survey participants and final platform users


As we are currently in the data collection process, some platform features will be available at a later point in time, such as:

  • the presentation of all data results and analysis tools
  • peer-to-peer matchmaking functionalities

The platform can be accessed at: More information on the launch will be published in due course.

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