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Technical Workshop Planned for Identifying Innovation Gaps in Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings


Mission Innovation’s Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings Innovation Challenge (IC#7) seeks to make low-carbon heating and cooling of buildings affordable to all. Important elements of this work are to establish a development path for the relevant technologies, identify targets to track progress, and promote increased international research collaboration.

For these reasons, the three co-leads of this Innovation Challenge—the European Commission (Directorates-General Energy and Research), the United Kingdom (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), and the United Arab Emirates (Ministry of Energy)—will hold a technical workshop on 1-2 November 2017 at:

The workshop will be held alongside the 5th International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry (SHC 2017) .

Members of IC#7, industry leaders, and a wider community of experts will participate in the workshop. It will cover six priority areas in heating and cooling: thermal energy storage; heat pumps; non-atmospheric heat sinks and sources; predictive maintenance and optimization; building-level integration; and physiological studies. The goals of the workshop are to deepen our understanding of the existing innovation gaps, identify and prioritise these gaps, and develop measurable targets. The results will inform a detailed work plan for each priority area and for the IC#7 activity as a whole. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to reflect on possible common research efforts and increase international collaborations between IC#7 members.

In this way, the workshop will contribute to the ultimate goal of this innovation challenge: to accelerate progress towards making low-carbon heating and cooling affordable for everyone and widely deployable.

More information on this 2-day event is available on the registration page of the workshop website.

This event is invitation only. Therefore please contact your Mission Innovation country representative if you are interested in participating in the workshop.

A workshop summary report is available here.