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Innovations with potential to avoid 3 gigatonnes CO2e per year by 2030


The 1.5o Compatible Solution Framework will enable public and private investors to identify the technologies that have the greatest potential to tackle climate change. 100 global innovations with the combined potential to avoid almost 3 gigatonnes CO2e per year by 2030 were showcased at MI-4.

Launched at the 3rd Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-3), MI’s 1.5o Compatible Solution Framework supports investors and funders to identify those system solutions and technologies that have significant ability or potential to contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions in society, so-called avoided emissions. Sweden is leading the development of the Framework in collaboration with other MI members and wider stakeholders.

At the 4th Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-4) in May 2019, 100 innovations that have the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by almost 3 billion tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030 were showcased and a new goal of bringing 1000 innovations to MI-5 was announced. The avoided emissions potential of these 100 innovations has been assessed using the Framework methodology. The GHG reduction potential assumes global rollout. The innovations include:

The Framework has been showcased in Horizon, the EU’s Research and Innovation Magazine this month.

MI members have the opportunity to have their investments assessed under the Framework. More information will be shared soon.