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MI-6: the digital, diverse and dynamic launch of Mission Innovation 2.0



Dear Mission Innovation Members and Community,

We are fast approaching the Sixth Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-6) hosted by Chile, which will be held entirely virtually between Monday May 31 and Sunday June 6 through an online platform designed and purpose-made to create an event that is digital, diverse and dynamic.

MI-6 will be the stand out clean energy innovation event of 2021 bring together Ministers, CEOs, high-level experts, thought leaders, innovators and advocates to celebrate the successes of the first phase of Mission Innovation and launch its ambitious second phase.

Through a weeklong schedule of side events, podcasts, trigger talks, high-level panels and fireside chats with leaders and innovators in the international clean energy community, MI-6 will showcase the solutions to tackling climate change already on offer as well as what those in the future will need to provide. The event will center around two extremely high-level events: the Ministerial Roundtable (Monday 31 May), an intimate and private discussion among leaders where they may give frank, unscripted thoughts on the future of Mission Innovation; and the launch of MI 2.0 (Wednesday 2 June), a celebratory space to announce the next phase of MI along with the overall framework for delivering its ambitious agenda, including the new Missions and new Platform initiatives, featuring key notes by world leaders and ministers.  The 2 June events, as well as a range of side events, will be open to the public.  More information on the entire programme including how to join will be included in the next edition of the MI newsletter (~last week of May).

The second phase of Mission Innovations heralds the start of a vitally important five-year period and provides the ideal vehicle, as the only world’s dedicated forum for clean energy innovation and advancement, for developing humanity’s last best hopes for securing solutions to this existential threat. As hosts, it is Chile’s pleasure to provide this unique forum for the MI and clean energy innovation community to advance this critically important work. We look forward to seeing you soon!