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MI Members agree next steps on the road to MI 2.0


Senior representatives of Mission Innovation (MI) member met virtually on 8, 9 and 12 February 2021 for our Annual Gathering. Designed and delivered by the MI Secretariat, in close collaboration with the Steering Committee and Chilean colleagues, this event attracted senior officials from member country governments and collaborating organisations.

The event opened with an inspiring Call to Action issued by the Honourable Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Science and Technology, Health and Family Welfare from the government of India.   Minister Vardhan reiterated India’s deep commitment to Mission Innovation and the importance of innovation in transforming the global clean energy landscape.



On the road to MI 2.0

Following a unanimous decision by Ministers at MI-5 in September 2020 to develop an ambitious second phase of the initiative, this meeting was a crucial milestone and decision-making point on the way to the launch of MI 2.0 at the 6th MI Ministerial (MI-6) this year. With palpable enthusiasm, members plotted a path forward and unanimously agreed that this is the most important decade for clean energy innovation on a global scale. Several members embarking on pathways to net zero highlighted the sheer scale of the challenge ahead and the need for innovation across all sectors of the economy.

Mission Innovation 2.0 will play an important part. Members discussed and prioritised the first topics for Missions: global public-private alliances to accelerate tipping points for proven, affordable and scalable clean energy solutions. Over the last five years, Mission Innovation has already demonstrated its willingness to work together to develop the next generation of clean energy technologies the world needs.  Over the next decade, MI will build on its successes, enhancing collaboration and learning through a cross-cutting, flexible, needs-driven suite of Modules under the Innovation Platform.

Join us to learn more at MI-6: The Clean Energy Innovation Event of 2021

The stage is now set for the Sixth MI Ministerial meeting to take place from 31 May to 6 June 2021.

Framed as THE clean energy innovation event of 2021, MI-6 will provide a highly innovative platform to launch the second phase of Mission Innovation with the highest-level participation of members, collaborating organisations and climate champions.  Taking place alongside the Clean Energy Ministerial, MI-6 will encompass a suite of virtual events for governments, stakeholders and the public at large.

“By harnessing the ingenuity of scientists, engineers, policy makers and business leaders from around the globe, we can continue to accelerate clean energy technology and innovation and support economic recovery from COVID-19.  At MI-6 in June, we will come together to attend, cooperate, collaborate, innovate and lead on clean energy during this crucial year in climate action.”

Juan Carlos Jobet, Energy Minister, Chile
Speaking at the MI Gathering 2021

Innovating for a clean energy transition: a joint endeavour

The Membership was delighted to welcome senior representation from Breakthrough Energy, the Global Covenant of Mayors, IEA, IRENA, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum to the Gathering.  It was evident that there are several areas of potential synergies to be captured as the components of MI 2.0 take shape and MI is working with these organisations to develop the next phase of these important partnerships.

Stay Tuned

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the unprecedented speed at which vaccines were developed, showed the world the power of innovation in finding transformative solutions to global challenges.  MI’s unique, agile, action-oriented and cooperative framework sets it on the right path to forge the clean energy innovation actions needed to profoundly accelerate the clean energy transition.