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Shaping the Global Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings


The Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings is part of MI’s COLLABORATE module of the Innovation Platform. Our work builds upon recent innovation successes including the Global Cooling Prize, the Comfort and Climate Box and the Predictive Maintenance and Optimisation Project, which involved 50 partners across 15 countries.

Our vision is to be the world’s innovation community on low-carbon affordable heating and cooling of buildings. We want to strengthen the clean energy innovation ecosystem and facilitate new partnerships and collaborations that accelerate innovation and provide pathways to net zero.

We have 4 core objectives:

  1. Convening the community: We convene the global research and innovation community with a shared and prioritised innovation agenda and dedicated working groups.
  2. Collaborating: We facilitate research collaborations and help accelerate private investment in delivering significant innovation and impact across the international heating and cooling space.
  3. Providing a repository: We provide a repository that includes a library, a database and other information on state-of-the-art innovation topics.
  4. Communicating beyond our community: We disseminate to wider audiences the challenges and opportunities of low-carbon heating and cooling

In order to help shape the Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings, we are holding an online workshop this October and November. This will enable us to support and strategically plan the next phase of activities and priorities. To help inform and design the workshop, this month a survey is being sent to all members in the Innovation Community.

The community will run for five years, until 2026. So far, it has received confirmations, commitments and/or endorsements from MI member countries including Australia, Canada, the European Commission, Finland, India, Korea, Morocco, Netherlands, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and the UK.

The community will also likely have input from non-governmental organisations working in this area.


For more information on the Innovation Community and to receive a prospectus, please contact:

Piero De-Bonis at

JBV Reddy at

Graeme Maidment at