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Spotlight on the Insights Module


The Innovation Platform, a cornerstone of Mission Innovation’s endeavors, hosts three modules: INSIGHTS, COLLABORATE, and ACCELERATE. This framework, led and supported by the MI Secretariat, plays a pivotal role in galvanising MI’s goals. In the upcoming weeks, we will delve into these modules, beginning with INSIGHTS.

At its core, the INSIGHTS Module, a longstanding pillar since MI 2.0, seeks to inform and shape clean energy innovation policies through meticulous data analysis and extensive research. Its mission is to generate actionable insights for MI Members by offering novel evidence on the global clean energy innovation system, and foster a culture of knowledge exchange within the energy innovation community. It thrives on active engagement and collaboration from MI stakeholders, fostering a community-driven approach to clean energy innovation and sustainability.

Who is the team behind the Insights Module? Members of the MI Secretariat, coming from MI’s member countries and collaboration partners: Ingrida Murauskaite-BullAnn-Kathrin LipponerPatrick McCauleyJean-Baptiste Le MaroisAndrew PeaseYaxuan Jiao. The team coordinates four key initiatives: the Energy Innovation Metrics Hub, the Think Tank, the MI Member Insights Report, and tracking progress of MI’s workstreams. Together, the initiatives form an integrated platform designed to empower MI Members and stakeholders, enabling informed decisions, knowledge sharing, and a global ripple effect.

Energy Innovation Metrics Hub

This comprehensive repository pools data from esteemed entities like the EU Science, Research and Innovation, the International Energy Agency (IEA), and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). It encapsulates a spectrum of indicators, from patents to research investments, venture capital contributions, and real-world demonstration projects. This wealth of data will empower MI Members with insights into clean energy innovation trends and progress across MI countries and Missions.

Think Tank

The Think Tank is a dynamic process for knowledge sharing, driven by member-driven workshops and events. It’s a platform where MI Members come together to share expertise, learn from peers, and collectively address challenges in clean energy innovation policies and programs. Moreover, it strengthens collaboration within MI and extends our influence globally, connecting us with partners like the The World BankBreakthrough Energy , the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Furthermore, as the MI Think Tank gained momentum with its launch in July 2023, we opened the Think Tank’s Call for Expressions of Interest. This call closed on October 6, and the MI Community had a chance to respond, suggesting topics, and shaping the Think Tank’s activities. The feedback was very successful – stay tuned for updates on the first MI Think Tank events, offering more opportunities for involvement, coming in Fall 2023.

MI Member Insights Report

The MI Member Insights Report is an annual compilation of clean energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) activities. This report, with its primary aim to inform MI countries and a broader global audience, underscores the remarkable progress achieved by MI member nations over the past 12 months. It serves as a beacon guiding us towards our shared clean energy and climate goals. The report not only provides a comprehensive snapshot of government-led clean energy RD&D initiatives but also reinforces the importance of collaboration among MI countries and beyond. It facilitates knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practices, further strengthening our collective resolve to address the climate crisis.

We are thrilled to announce that the MI Member Insights Report will be published and showcased at COP28 this year, underlining our commitment to global sustainability.

Tracking progress of MI’s Initiatives

The Insights module plays a vital role in designing and monitoring key performance indicators to track progress of some of MI’s key initiatives – our seven Missions, by providing a structured approach to assess both annual targets and the journey towards achieving 2030 goals.

To sum up: The INSIGHTS Module and its initiatives constitute a powerful toolkit within Mission Innovation, enabling data-driven decisions, effective collaboration, progress tracking, and showcasing MI’s global leadership in clean energy innovation. These efforts collectively hasten the transition to a sustainable, clean energy future, perfectly aligned with MI’s overarching goals