Highlights in 2017
Highlights in 2017


New clean energy innovation policies and/or strategies

No new policies or strategies have been implemented in Germany since the launch of Mission Innovation, but a new Energy Research Program is currently under preparation (see below).

Top clean energy innovation successes in 2017

  • Comprehensive consultation regarding research priorities of all major scientific, industrial and societal stakeholders in preparation of a new energy research program to be launched in 2018.
  • Funding initiative “Energy Efficient Cities” launched: Living labs in six large demonstration projects in seven city quarters around Germany. The goal is to demonstrate innovative technologies for the efficient use of renewable energies in an urban context, complemented by monitoring and socio-economic analysis. The Federal Government provides more than 100 million Euros for these projects, over a period of around five years.
  • Launch of funding initiative “Energy Transition in the Transport Sector: Sector Coupling through the use of Electricity-Based Fuels”. The focus of the funding initiative is on research projects which seek to produce and use alternative electricity-based fuels and to integrate the latest technologies into the energy sector. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is providing around 100 million Euros worth of funding for this initiative.

Top activities delivered in support of the Innovation Challenges in 2017

  • Co-leading IC5. Organizing the work of an international expert group, resulting in the work plan presented at MI-2.
  • Encouraging the involvement of external stakeholders and experts from Germany in Innovation Challenges (in particular IC1, IC5, IC6 and IC7). This includes presentations to selected scientists and industry representatives about MI or specific Innovation Challenges (in particular IC5 and IC6).
  • Supporting the work of Innovation Challenges by answering surveys and providing information for country reports (e.g. IC1, IC5, IC6, IC7).
  • Representatives from Germany have participated in numerous discussions regarding the development of Innovation Challenges as well as the different activities within Innovation Challenges. One particular focus was strengthening ties with existing initiatives and frameworks, in particular the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes.


Second Finnish-German Joint Call
Countries: Finland
Start date: 2018
Funding amount: approx. €9 million (German side only)
The initiative is supporting the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

Countries: France
Start date: 2017
End date: 2022
Funding amount: €5 million for energy research
German contribution to the Fellowship Programme “Make our planet great again” initiated by France in the fields of climate, earth system and energy research.
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