Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
“Countermeasures to climate change are no longer a constraint to economic growth, but a driving force for further prosperity. Challenges toward carbon neutrality are key in galvanizing innovation and increasing business chances. Carbon neutrality is not an easy task, and it will require effort from the entire nation. We must set ambitious goals and visions, and industry, government, and academia must work together earnestly to achieve them. We will pursue strategic partnerships with each government to contribute to global decarbonization by creating innovations for realizing carbon neutrality.”

Senior Representative


Industrial Science, Technology and Environment Policy Bureau

International Affairs Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Role in Mission Innovation

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MI Champions

MI Champions is a program for recognizing and supporting the next wave of energy technology leaders.
Meet Japan’s Champions!

Yutaka Tamaura (2019)

Yoshiki Takagiwa (2020)


Participation in MI’s first phase


Clean Energy Innovation investment (MI 1.0)

Country-determined baseline year(s): FY 2013
Baseline funding amount: EUR ‎€222.6 million
Doubling target year: FY 2021
Doubling target amount: EUR €445.3 million

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*Figures in the spending chart are based on USD exchange rates in 2021