Mission Innovation is a global initiative working to accelerate clean energy innovation.
The power of innovation – driven by sustained public investment coupled with business leadership – can make clean energy widely affordable and bring fledgling ideas into the mainstream.


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And this article talks about the role that @MICleanEnergyRD @HT_IC6 @KPatBerkeley Carlos Ortiz Mark Kozdras Carlos Amador @LeoBeltranR @FDR_CleanEnergy @AbernsteinCIFAR and other great leaders played in that pivotal #IC6 #MexicoCity meeting. Thanks to all! https://t.co/a2iy0DxXZu

Just 3 days until the Finalist Award Ceremony of the Global Cooling Prize! Want to learn about breakthrough cooling solutions that have at least 5X less climate impact?

Follow @CoolingPrize and #ACoolerPlanet. https://t.co/MxTQL6iMLL


ASEAN India Innotech Summit offering an ocean of opportunities for exploring new collaborations, showcasing projects & connecting with #ASEAN stakeholders. Registration open for Indian & ASEAN delegates & exhibitors. https://t.co/HJYQPT1KSM

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