Mission Innovation Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution

Mission Innovation aims to reinvigorate and accelerate global clean energy innovation with the objective to make clean energy widely affordable.

Imperative to Act

The global community has made remarkable progress in driving down the costs and increasing the use of key clean energy options. However, these impressive gains are still insufficient to meet our long-term climate goals while providing affordable, reliable, and secure energy supplies.

Global Response

The power of innovation – driven by sustained public investment in research and development (R&D) coupled with business leadership – can push down costs further and bring fledgling ideas into the mainstream. Further reducing the cost of tomorrow’s clean energy technologies, along with adoption of today’s clean energy solutions, underpin global strategies to enhance global energy security, drive economic growth, bring life-changing energy services to the poor, and increase ambition in combatting climate change.

Through Mission Innovation, 22 countries and the European Union are taking action to double their public clean energy R&D investment over five years. In addition, MI members encourage collaboration among partner countries, share information, and coordinate with businesses and investors.

Mission Innovation is complemented by private sector-led investments of extraordinary levels of private capital in clean energy, focusing on early-stage innovations.

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2 June 2016

Mission Innovation Webinar Series

Join us for an in-depth look at clean energy innovation policies and programs in Mission Innovation (MI) countries. You will hear from senior officials and researchers about key developments and have an opportunity to pose questions and share ideas. Each 1.5-hour webinar will focus on a particular country for an overview of current and upcoming activities pursued as part of MI. Presentations will be conducted in English. The webinars are free to attend. Please register here.

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22 February 2018

Ottawa Preparatory Meeting: setting the scene for MI-3 in Malmö

How to maximise the impact of the Innovation Challenges? What’s the best way of strengthening private sector engagement? How can Mission Innovation (MI) support clean energy ideas and innovators? These are some of the key issues delegates attending the 3rd Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-3) Preparatory Meeting addressed in Ottawa. The objective was to generate new … Continue reading Ottawa Preparatory Meeting: setting the scene for MI-3 in Malmö

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22 February 2018

Strengthening private sector engagement in Davos

Mission Innovation (MI) reaffirmed in Davos the strong partnership, established at the 2nd MI Ministerial in Beijing, with the World Economic Forum (WEF). MI and WEF are committed to making a real step–change in clean energy innovation by bridging the gap between new technologies and market uptake. New innovative ideas discussed in Davos are expected … Continue reading Strengthening private sector engagement in Davos

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22 February 2018

Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge hits the headlines

The use of machine learning, robotics and supercomputing to accelerate the process of finding new high-performance and low-cost energy materials is central to technology development around the world. Currently, the process of developing and commercialising new materials is costly and can take as long as two decades. The Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge aims to … Continue reading Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge hits the headlines

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22 February 2018

Mexico invests in the energy leaders of the future

Mexico, one of the founding Mission Innovation members, is investing in people to prepare them for the challenge of transforming the energy sector. Currently, the Ministry of Energy of Mexico (SENER) sponsors 2,800 Mexican postgrad students around the world and contributes to energy education with tailored energy training programs at schools, universities, and for professionals, … Continue reading Mexico invests in the energy leaders of the future

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