Mission Innovation is a global initiative working to accelerate clean energy innovation.
The power of innovation – driven by sustained public investment coupled with business leadership – can make clean energy widely affordable and bring fledgling ideas into the mainstream.


News Tweets

We asked children from all over the world to illustrate what a #cleanenergy future looks like to them. For Emily from Australia, the future is in our hands #MondayMotivation


We have accomplished a lot since 2015! Working together, members have made progress in achieving our #cleanenergy goals of increasing public sector investment, private sector engagement, international collaboration and raising awareness. For info: https://t.co/dssN5mlbZK

The Atacama Desert has one of the highest solar radiation levels on the planet, offering high solar generation potential. @AtaMoSTeC is developing new materials that can withstand the challenging conditions. #MIBreakthroughs https://t.co/m8MZYpZU42


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