Tina Bru

Minister of Petroleum and Energy

Role in MI

Progress towards doubling public investment

Country-determined baseline year(s): 2013-2015
Baseline funding amount: NOK 1.132 billion (USD $140 million)
Doubling target year: 2020
Doubling target amount: NOK 2.265 billion (USD $280 million)

Find out more about how Norway’s baseline and doubling are calculated

Year 1: Funds allocated for studies on the Norwegian full-scale CCS project were significant this year.

Year 2: Last year’s reporting was incorrect as the funds allocated for technological development through state agency Enova was lower than originally reported. The correct figures are reported above.

Year 3: This includes an allocation of NOK 345 million to be confirmed in May 2019 related to the Norwegian full-scale CCS project (which forms part of the baseline).

MI Champions

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Annemie Wyckmans (2020)