Clean Energy RD&D investments

  • The government will maintain the level of the green research funds at least at the 2020 level, corresponding to DKK 2.3 billion in the coming years. In addition, in connection with the 2021 Finance Bill and as part of the restart of the economy the government has proposed to increase the funds earmarked for green research in 2021 to a level exceeding the historic high level of 2020.
  • With a mission-driven effort, the government will accelerate developments of cutting edge green solutions through strategic and coherent green research ranging all the way from basic research to commercialisation. Knowledge-institutions and the business community must cooperate closely, so we gear the public research investments with private funds in order that efforts become as powerful as possible. The interplay and coordination between universities, companies, authorities, and other relevant players must be enhanced to accelerate the development of green solutions and technologies.
  • In 2021, the government plans to prioritise DKK 750 million for four missions focused on challenges with a special need for cutting-edge solutions in order for Denmark to meet the 2030 targets of the Climate Act and to set the direction towards carbon neutrality by 2050, create new jobs and exports of green solutions contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions globally. The four mission are 1. Carbon capture and storage or utilisation 2. Green fuels for transportation and industry (Power-to-X etc.) 3. Climate and environment-friendly agriculture and food production 4. Recycling and reduction of plastic waste.