European Union


Strengthened Cooperation

The European Commission will continue playing a co-leadership role in the mission on ‘Building the global clean hydrogen economy’, working actively with other co-leads and participants. The first programs to be deployed via Horizon Europe, including via Clean Hydrogen partnership, are aligned with the mission’s objectives.  In particular the European Commission expects an accelerated rollout of Hydrogen Valleys by stimulating the EU Member States to develop national hydrogen strategies that, support R&I and the development of 2-3 Hydrogen Valleys.  The results of EU funded hydrogen projects will be disseminated widely.

The Commission will follow with interest the first wave missions on Shipping and on Power, participating as a supporting member.

For the Insights module of the Innovation Platform, the EC intends to join in the activities of the Metrics Dashboard submodule. EC support to the Insights module to launch and manage this activity over the second phase will build on the co-leadership of the MI Tracking Progress workstream over 2018-2021, and collaborative work with other MI members, as well as with the IEA and IRENA.

For the Collaborate module of the Innovation Platform, the Commission will continue co-leading the work on Converting Sunlight into Solar Fuels and Chemicals (previously IC5), if relaunched, and Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings (previously IC7), as well as supporting the work of innovation challenges on Integrated Advanced Aviation Fuels (previously IC4) and Materials for Energy (M4E) Clean energy materials (previously IC6).

In partnership with Global Covenants of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCOM) and several other members, the EC will seek to develop a strong proposal for the second wave mission on ‘Innovation driven urban transitions’ in close collaboration with the activities of Innovation Challenge IC7 (Innovation Community on Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings (previously IC 7).

The Commission may also consider contributing to or participating in other second wave missions and the initiatives of the Accelerate module.