Strengthened Cooperation

France intends to participate as an active member to the Hydrogen and Zero emission shipping Missions.

Hydrogen Mission

Hydrogen represents a strategic opportunity to make a successful transition to a “zero-carbon” economy, particularly in the industrial and heavy mobility sector. France is adopting an ambitious H2 strategy to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen production and use by electrolysis: €7 billion of public support between now and 2030.

The acceleration strategy is based on a systemic approach: Developing a first-rate French sector in the value chain to make decarbonated hydrogen solutions emerge and be deployed on the territory (6.5GW of installed power by 2030). This strategy is based on :

  • the deployment of the most mature markets: decarbonising existing industrial uses, deploying heavy mobility with a captive fleet,
  • efforts to support research and innovation in the segments of the future: new industrial uses (steel, etc.), energy storage, in particular.

Following the announcement of the hydrogen strategy and within the framework of the recovery plan, two calls for projects were launched in October 2020.

  • Launch of the AAP Ademe “Territorial Hydrogen Hubs” (€275m from 2021 to 2023),
  • Launch of AAP Technological bricks and demonstrator ( €350m from 2020 to 2023)

France is therefore looking forward to a fruitful international cooperation in the frame of the hydrogen mission to accelerate the innovation pace in this sector.

The point of contact for the French Government is the General Directorate for Energy and Climate from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

Zero emission shipping mission

Reducing the emissions of the maritime transportation sector is a strategic priority for France, which exhibits a significant coastline punctuated by many world-class harbours.

France considers that there is an urgent need to address a full set of challenges in relation with the development of alternative fuel vessels reliable, safe and competitive. The development of the required infrastructures on shore is as well a field for which innovation, industrialisation, regulatory aspects and innovative business models need to be brought to a higher level of maturity.

In the domain of innovation, France will be pursuing its efforts to support the development of alternative fuels (hydrogen, bio-fuels,…), innovative vessels or novel business models. This will be made possible notably thanks to the Program Investment for the future which has launched its hydrogen strategy (7 Bn€ investments planned) in September 2020 and is currently elaborating the innovation strategies in the sectors of bio-fuels and decarbonized mobility. France is therefore ready to take its part in this challenging and very exciting mission.

The point of contact for the French Government is the Directorate for Maritime Affairs from the Ministry for the sea.