Strengthened Cooperation

As the only African country involved in Mission Innovation, Morocco is aware of the strategic implications of a strengthened cooperation.

Morocco will participate as an active member of the Hydrogen Mission, with the intent to explore ways to produce, store, transport and apply green hydrogen both in Africa and Europe.  Morocco will collaborate on research programmes assessing electrolysers’ performances, costs, efficiencies, durability, etc. as well as and on environmental impacts and safety of H2 end-uses and applications and. We will also participate in the CEM hydrogen initiative seeking to align activities with a focus on low-cost production of hydrogen, the certification of green hydrogen, guarantees of origins and developing global value chains. Morocco can also leverage from his active role in IRENA and foreseen membership in IPHE.

In line with the hydrogen mission, Morocco will actively contribute to the Shipping Mission as well. Given the country’s strategic location, there is a potential and an opportunity to connect green hydrogen supply with shipping routes and therefore reduce GHG emissions related to shipping.

As a core member of the Shipping Mission, Morocco will ensure:

  • Senior official participation in sub-steering committee
  • Senior and junior official involvement as point of contact for Mission Secretariat
  • In-kind contributions to Mission events and activities, for instance hosting workshops, side-events, conferences etc.
  • Active contribution to achieving the Hydrogen and Shipping Mission objectives

Morocco will also seek to participate in the second wave missions when relevant, ensuring representation of Africa.