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Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice President
“Accelerating the clean energy transition is a must if we want to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Innovation helps remove cost barriers, technical obstacles and further accelerate the necessary translation. The enthusiasm with which Mission Innovation members are working to bring additional solutions to the most difficult energy transition challenges, including hydrogen, power and shipping, is truly encouraging.”

Mariya Gabriel

Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth
“Clean energy is the key element of dual challenge of climate change and the need to move to a low-carbon economy. As the problem is global, the solutions will only work through international cooperation. Mission Innovation is a successful platform to keep countries involved in concrete discussions how to work on, learn from and facilitate deployment of, clean energy innovations. It’s a complement to the ambition of the European Green Deal.”

Kadri Simson

Commissioner for Energy
“Globally, our focus is to maintain energy dialogues with our international partners. Mission Innovation has contributed to these discussions by keeping investment in clean energy high on the political agenda. Our clean energy targets can only be achieved through investments in new, affordable clean energy solutions. Mission Innovation is instrumental in this respect. We welcome its continued efforts to engage international players and develop breakthrough solutions.”

Senior Representatives

Ms. Rosalinde Van Der Vlies
MI Steering Committee Vice-Chair
Director, Clean Planet, DG Research & Innovation

Ms. Ingrida Murauskaite-Bull
MI Steering Committee member
Project Officer, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Role in Mission Innovation

News and events

MI Champions

MI Champions is a program for recognizing and supporting the next wave of energy technology leaders.
Meet the European Commission’s Champions!

Álvaro Beltrán (2019)

María Luisa Hernández Latorre (2020)


Participation in MI’s first phase


Clean Energy Innovation investment (MI 1.0)

Country-determined baseline year(s): 2013-2015
Baseline funding amount: EUR ‎€989 million (USD $1.1 billion)
Doubling target year: 2020
Doubling target amount: EUR €1.974 billion (USD $2.2 billion)

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*Figures in the spending chart are based on USD exchange rates in 2021