Strengthened Cooperation

Italy is strongly committed to international cooperation to share new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.

Italy will co-lead, together with UK and China, the Green Powered Future Mission (Mission Power). At this regard, the goals are: to accelerate innovation to bring forward necessary technical and non-technical solutions to enable a renewable-powered future; to promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge, know-how and best practices to enable all countries to develop a power system that meets their renewable energy targets; to work closely with other countries, the private sector and international organisations that share our ambitious vision for a renewable powered future.

In this framework Italy will be very glad to further increase the collaboration both with other countries and with International Organizations (such as IEA, IRENA, World Bank) in order to set up projects with other members also sharing research achievements with less developed countries. At this aim, Italy has an important role to boost the involvement of as many countries as possible.

The proposal of the Italian delegate as Mission Director was accepted.

Italy will concentrate its efforts on the flexibility pillar and it is our intention to involve the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) and National Research Council (CNR) for contributing to the development of the pillar.

Finally, at national level, we have had some meetings with national stakeholders interested in participating at the Mission activities obtaining a very good response to the initiative.