National Innovation Pathway

The main target is to reach the full decarbonisation by 2050 through RES development. In particular, our efforts are concentrated on:

Smart grids, PV, wind, marine energy, geothermal energy, development production and use of hydrogen into economy (transport, hard to abate sector, chemical).

As for hydrogen, Italy is going to publish the Hydrogen Strategy.

For the next 3 years (2021-2022-2023) Italy has allocated 241 MEuros focusing on the following main sectors: smart grids, hydrogen, innovative energy materials. The activities linked to these funds will be realized through both agreements with the Reserch Centers and calls for proposals involving the private sector.

Moreover, the Ministry has the programme, so called System Research (RdS), that is the research and development activity aimed at technical and technological innovation of general interest for the electric sector to improve its economy, safety and environmental compatibility, ensuring the country the conditions for sustainable development.

We are going to publish a 3 years Programme (2022-2024) for the total amount of 200 M€ that will be concentrated on the following sectors: Decarbonisation & Digitalisation (from PV, to hydrogen, form cybersecurity to storage systems. These funds will be used through agreements with the Reserch Centers and calls for proposals also involving the private sector.

In order to reach this ambitious target we are going to set up strong R&D innovation plan based on energy efficiency, critical materials, digitalization, cybersecurity.