Stefano Patuanelli

Minister of Economic Development

The Italian Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) sets out measures to ensure the creation of a secure, sustainable and competitive energy system in order to achieve sustainable growth, promote the fundamental role of research and innovation in the cleantech sector and reach the 2030 environmental targets at the international level.

One of the five dimensions of the NECP proposal is represented by the research, innovation and competitiveness pillar. This dimension includes national participation in Mission Innovation, which constitutes an opportunity for national research centers and industry to contribute to the development of innovative clean technologies at the global level.


Role in MI

Progress towards doubling public investment

Country-determined baseline year(s): FY 2013
Baseline funding amount: EUR ‎€222 million
Doubling target year: FY 2021
Doubling target amount: EUR €444 million

Find out more about how Italy’s baseline and doubling are calculated

First year: the overall total includes the €30 million budget of a 100% State Owned Company.
Second year is provisional data.
Third year is estimated data.

It is worth noting that the amount of spending indicated in the graphics for the second and third years represents around 80% of the actual overall amount spent in R&D in the energy sector since it does not include other R&D Institutions whose expenses accounting is still in progress by the Italian Statistical Institute (ISTAT). For example, in 2018 (third year) the Italian Ministry for Education, Universities and Research allocated other €48.7 million for research activities in this field that are not yet officially accounted for in the 2018 data.

For the activities of MI the Budget Law 2018 has approved €15 million, for the period 2019-2021, and with the new Budget Law 2019 further financing of up to €40 million has been approved for the same period 2019- 2021. A further financing of €345 million is foreseen in the near future up to the year 2021 in order to reach the doubling target.

MI Champions

MI Champions is a program for recognizing and supporting the next wave of energy technology leaders.
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Lorenzo Mario Fagiano (2019)

Alessandra Giannuzzi (2020)